Friday, March 19, 2010

A begining of history of Sreeleathers

The history of the Company dates more than half a century back. It started as a humble organization in Jamshedpur when freedom fighter Late Suresh Chandra Dey, enthused with national fervour, wanted to give his countrymen the luxury of wearing comfortable shoes. It was time when India was striving to fight the British rule in India. His aim was to fight back the British autonomy and establish an Indian independence. He spent his best years fighting for the cause of Indian independence. He braved bullets and blood as part of Suryo Sen’s legendary team that fought the British at Jalalabad as well as in the now historic Chittagong Armoury Raid. Sreeleathers was born from such sacred blood. Suresh Chandra Dey was a visionary. He brewed up a unique way of serving his motherland. He felt the need for generation of capital growth and employment within his country as the best way to serve the nation. Shoes were at that time not a basic amenity that the middle and the lower-middle class could think of wearing. As a champion of self-reliance, he saw and realized the need to provide the toiling millions of countrymen with durable and quality footwear at the most affordable price. This dream became his passion. This passion gave birth to Sreeleathers. Sreeleathers started making shoes in a tiny scantly-lit room that would last ages. During those days, people did not buy shoes frequently.

Sreeleather's Outlets

Kolkata boasts of six outlets. Besides, Sreeleathers outlets have been opened in other parts of the country too. Over the years, places like Jamshedpur, Delhi, Varanasi, Raipur, Agartala, Guwahati, Behrampur, Asansol, Durgapur, Purulia, Domzur, Naihati, Serampore, Patna, Ranchi, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Hazaribag, Dhanbad, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Bokaro, Gaya, Chennai etc have already embraced Sreeleathers. As footfall of customers has been gradually increasing, continuous efforts are made to enlarge the size of the showrooms. The Lindsay Street showroom is possibly India’s busiest footwear showroom and as a single product store (exclusive brand outlet), is the largest shoe store in the world, Free School St. showroom is the largest footwear showroom in India, and Delhi showroom is the largest shoe store in Delhi. All this has been done to make shopping experience more comfortable at Sreeleathers. As a special effort to serve its customers with the best, Sreeleathers introduced them to a world class shopping experience that was till now a privilege of the upper strata of society. There is joy of shopping for one and all.

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